The official experiment is finished. We have counted the number of plants still alive after 5 weeks.

60% of Red seeds are alive compared to 58% of Blue seeds. Is that a significant difference? Probably not, but we think there are significant differences in the look of the plants. Most of the children believe that the Red seeds are taller and healthier looking and, as a result have decreed that the Blue seeds must be the ones that have been to space and are somehow slightly damaged as a result.

Having presented our data to the school just before half term, we will now send our data off to the European Space Agency and when all the data is collected in (June 17th is the closing date) we will be sent a message to let us know which seeds are which.

Here are some of the thoughts of the Year 3 pupils who have been looking after the seeds:

'I enjoyed planting and doing the counting of the seeds to know which seeds are alive and germinated. I planted seeds number R1-7.' (Arran)

'I have always thought that the blue packet of seeds is the space packet. I have enjoyed the experiment and the seeds have grown quicker than I thought they would!' (Oliver)

'I enjoyed measuring the plants.' (Olaf)

' I liked planting the seeds and multiplying the numbers ad to do the percentages. Quite a lot of them survived. I think the red seeds are the space seeds.' (Orlaigh)

'At first the red were growing very slowly but now they have grown a lot more.' (Trudie)

'I predicted that the red seeds were the space seeds but now, after finishing the experiment, I think that the blue seeds are the space seeds. The reason why is because the blue plants are bigger.' (Isabella)

'Now I think the blue seeds have been to space. The red seeds are taller and stronger.' (Megan)

'I think that it was interesting to have 100 seeds that have been to space and 100 seeds that have not been to space. I like that finally we will find out if we can gorw food in space.' (Beatriz)