Year 2's caterpillars are kept in our reflection area. Our caterpillars are very delicate and are starting to turn green. We have 5 caterpillars and some of them are long and some are shorter. They are about the size of a finger nail. They must be kept warm, away from direct sunlight and they need peace and quiet! They live in a pot which has a food in the bottom. We can't take the lid off until they have formed a cocoon. When the caterpillars turn into butterflies we will release them. 

Since last week we have observed more webs in the pot. We think these webs will become a cocoon. The caterpillars have changed colour to a light green. Last week, we could not see their feet but now when we look carefully we can. They are very tiny. There is now lots of poo in the pot as the caterpillars have been eating more food!