Year 1 Biscuit Investigation




























Year 1 read the story of the Gingerbread Man and then wondered which type of biscuit the gingerbread man should have been made of to make sure that he survived the river crossing. 

First they observed the biscuits using magnifying glasses. Then Olivia predicted that the gingerbread man would be the best because it was the thickest. Others thought that the custard cream would work well because it was two biscuits stuck together. Not many children thought that the rich tea finger would be good because they had noticed that it was very thin and had tiny holes in.

Karam suggested some ways to keep the test fair; it is important to only change one thing so we kept the amount of water, how long to dip the biscuits for and the water temperature the same. 

Almost all the groups agreed that the chocolate biscuit was the best because it was the slowest biscuit to collapse. Perhaps this is because the chocolate protects half of the biscuit from the water.