Year 2 biscuits


Year 2 were given the task of investigating which biscuit would make the best dunker for Miss Pugh's cup of tea. They had 4 different biscuits to test. 

The class started off by observing the biscuits and looking for differences. They then decided which one they thought would make a good dunker, one that wouldn't fall apart in the cup of tea.

Hollie predicted that the chocolate digestive might be the best dunker as it has an extra layer of chocolate. Noor thought the custard cream would be a bad choice as the cream would melt and the biscuit would fall apart whereas Lola thought the best dunker needed to be thick in size.

They shared ideas about how to make the test a fair test. They then enjoyed testing all the biscuits. It got quite messy with lots of soggy biscuits in jugs of water!

They found out that the chocolate biscuit lasted longest.