Reception investigate how to keep the Gingerbread man safe

Having read the story of the Gingerbread man, Reception class investigated what would happen if he fell in the water. They enjoyed dunking the gingerbread men in the water.  Later they looked at how they could keep him dry. 

They tested wrapping him in a tissue, a plastic bag, foil and a…

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Year 2 investigate the best biscuit to dunk

Year 2 were given the task of investigating which biscuit would make the best dunker for Miss Pugh's cup of tea. They had 4 different biscuits to test. 

The class started off by observing the biscuits and looking for differences. They then decided which one they thought would make a good…

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Year 1's biscuit investigation

Year 1 read the story of the Gingerbread Man and then wondered which type of biscuit the gingerbread man should have been made of to make sure that he survived the river crossing. 

First they observed the biscuits using magnifying glasses. Then Olivia predicted that the gingerbread man…

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Year 3 biscuit dunking challenge

On Monday Year 3 got British Science Week off to a great start with their part in the whole school biscuit dunking challenge. Each class has a different biscuit dunking investigation to carry out in their science lesson this week.

Year 3 were investigating which is the best digestive…

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The Snowman Project

Year 3 have started their project by looking at The Snowman, a poem by Roger McGough. First they created a story board of the poem before choosing a part of the poem to illustrate using oil pastels.  We tried to think about what might be in the room where the child was asleep when the Snowman…

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Schools to Care Homes

Due to Covid our Care Home residents have not been able to see family and friends for a long time. As part of a nationwide programme to raise a smile and help relieve loneliness in our Care Homes this Christmas, Year 3 and 4 have written letters to residents at Viscount Court and Queen's Court…

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Year 3 week beginning 18th May

Year 3 are continuing to experiment with sculpture using Barbara Hepworth to inspire them. I have seen an amazing range of sculptures using lots of different materials including soap, lego, salt dough and leaves and twigs. Many of you had though hard about where to place your sculpture so that…

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Year 3 11 5 2020

I have really enjoyed reading the planning of the funny stories that we are going to be writing next week. I have seen some pictures and descriptions of some very exciting characters and I've read about some interesting settings which have been described using plenty of excellent adjectives. I…

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Year 3 home learning 4 5 20

I have really enjoyed reading all the plays that Year 3 have written this week. There were some very funny bits, especially when Little Red Riding Hood was not so nice in some stories! I was impressed by your thoughtful stage directions and the descriptions of each scene. 

There have also…

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Year 3 home learning 27 04 2020

What a wonderful range of sculptures you have created this week! Some of you have experimented with different materials and others took inspiration from the Tate Modern images we looked at and have used whatever you could find around you at home. I liked Charlie's because it is useful as well…

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Year 3 home learning 20 40 20

Here is a sample of what Year 3 have been up to during the holiday.

They have certainly kept themselves very busy and I think there were many delicious things created in their kitchens.

Lots of you have also enjoyed the lovely weather. 

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Year 3's super home learning 23 3 2020

Well done Year 3! You have been very busy this week keeping up with home learning and doing lots of exercise too!

You have been sending me photos and emails of your work that you have completed. I have loved reading them all. I particularly enjoyed your stories where something had gone…

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