The Big Reveal!

We have watched a video from Tim Peake to tell us that the BLUE packet contained the seeds that went to space.


Most of us thought that the blue seeds were the space seeds because they weren't as healthy as the other seeds at the end of the growing time. 


In September we will find…

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Day 35 - Final Data Collection

The official experiment is finished. We have counted the number of plants still alive after 5 weeks.

60% of Red seeds are alive compared to 58% of Blue seeds. Is that a significant difference? Probably not, but we think there are significant differences in the look of the plants. Most of the…

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Day 28 - How many leaves?

On 17th May we had to count the leaves on five plants that were randomly selected from each tray. We used a random number generator to select the seed tray cells.We then had to work out the average number of leaves for the 5 plants in each tray before recording this number on the chart. The plants…

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10th May 2016

Today we have measured the tallest plant in each tray. (Alejandro)

We calculated the average height of the 4 tallest plants. The average of the red seeds was 64mm compared to the average of the blue seeds which is only 58mm. (Megan) 

About half of us think that the blue ones are the seeds…

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6th May 2016 How many are still alive?

Today we counted how many of the seeds are still alive. (Arran)

At the first count, only 44% of the red seeds had germinated but 61% of the blue seeds had grown. 

Most of us thought that the red seeds must be the space seeds as they were slower to grow. (Megan)

Today 64% of the reds have…

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29th April 2016 - the first data collection

Today we have counted how many seeds have germinated in each tray. Results were converted into percentages and recorded on the wall chart. At this stage the Blue seeds seem to be more successful with a higher percentage of seeds germinating.

Most of the seeds have now germinated.…

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April 25th 2016 - The seeds are germinating

When we arrived at school this morning, we noticed that some seeds have germinated. We recorded which trays had some germinated seeds in on the wall chart. (Megan)

The seeds have grown 2 leaves and a stem. (Sara)

More seeds from the Blue packet have germinated. (Matilda) 

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April 20th 2016 - Space seeds are planted

Today we planted the seeds. We have 100 that have been to space and 100 that have not. (Yani)

Each packet contained 100 seeds and were split into 4 trays of 25. One seed was planted in each section of a module tray. Each seed is labelled with a number. We watered them and then discussed what we…

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Year 3 and their Space Station Seeds

Year 3 have  begun the Royal Horticultural Society experiment. They have planted the two packets of rocket seeds and will be reporting on the progress of each packet of seeds. One of these packets of seeds has been up to the space station and back, but nobody knows which packet is which. Keep…

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