Year 3 had a wonderful day at Chertsey Museum and took part in some Roman activities. They have been writing about their day.

"We learned that Romans made different types of pottery, greyware, creamware and Samianware. Roman pottery is much better than Celtic pottery."

"We made a wax tablet out of wood and plasticene. The Romans would have used wax. We wrote a shopping list on it in Latin with a wooden stylus."

"We loved it! We dressed up in tunics and wore them for the whole day."

"We made clay pots. First we had to make a circle of clay and we squished it. Secondly we made a clay sausage and curled it round the circle. Then we smoothed it down and decorated it."

"I enjoyed making my Roman Lunch. I wrapped it in a cloth. I had bread, honey, grapes, an apple and cake."


Year 3 Romans at Chertsey Museum