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20 May 2022

Butterflies In Year 2!

Year 2 were very excited to witness their butterflies hatch out of their chrysalis this week. Year 2 have 9 beautiful butterflies. They are orange, black and white. They need to drink lots of sugar water to give them energy and to help them to fly. We are looking forward to releasing them into th...

13 May 2022

Caterpillars in Year 2

Welcome to Year 2’s caterpillar blog! A couple of weeks ago Year 2 took delivery of a very special package. Inside our parcel we found two pots which contained five small caterpillars and some special food. At first the caterpillars were small, about the same size as half of our littl...

7 April 2022

Year 4 Pizza Making

As part of our Design and Technology lessons, Year 4 made pizza from scratch.  The children had a tasting session to select their toppings.  Having made their pizza the children enjoyed tasting and then evaluating them.  I am sure that many of the children will be asking to mak...

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