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2 July 2021

Minibeasts in Reception

Reception class have loved learning about minibeasts and particularly enjoyed our minibeast hunt around the school grounds this week. We found some very exciting minibeasts and even spotted some slugs and their eggs! We have been painting and making minibeasts using a variety of materia...

18 May 2021

Year 2's New Caterpillars!

Year 2's caterpillars are kept in our reflection area. Our caterpillars are very delicate and are starting to turn green. We have 5 caterpillars and some of them are long and some are shorter. They are about the size of a finger nail. They must be kept warm, away from direct sunlight and...

19 April 2021

Reception Garden

In the Spring term, Reception started working on improving our garden by planting seeds to grow herbs, flowers and vegetables. Thank you to all parents for your donations toward our class garden. We also grew some bean plants for our Jack and the Beanstalk topic and saw some incredible progress t...

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