We have enjoyed our trip to see this amazing exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery so much; many of the items had never left Egypt before and they never will again. Some of us found it hard to believe that they were the real artefacts! 

Here are some of the things we said about our trip:

"When we went on our school trip we learned about Tutankhamun. We saw actual things from his tomb. It was amazing.

"I found the glass pillow weird but I  liked looking at the jewellery."

"I learned that Tutankhamun was forgotten about for a long time after his death. I was amazed by the huge statue of him and the canopic jars".

"I really liked looking at the canopic jars because then I saw how it actually looked like in real life."

"I enjoyed looking at all the hieroglyphs; they were fascinating."

Year 3 Tutankhamun trip