Year 1 Snowman project

Year 1 have loved doing the Snowman project. 

We have made our own snowman puppets, created clothes for a snowman, learnt about different musical instruments and sang 'Walking In The Air.' 

Our favourite part was making the puppets and using our puppets to perform 'Walking In The…

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Year 1 home learning Wb 18.5.2020

Year 1 have had another week of super learning. 

We have been writing our own Kenya animal poems and the ones I have read have really been amazing. Some of them have rhymed and some of them have used some super adjectives. 

Year 1 have also been creating their own Kenya art. Isla made a…

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Year 1 home learning wb 11.5.2020

Year 1 have had another super week of home learning and I have heard how much Year 1 have been enjoying their learning this week.

We have been researching and writing our own non-fiction books on animals. Wow I have been so impressed with all the super writing and pictures.

We included…

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Year 1 home learning WB 4/5/2020

Year 1 have been doing some more super learning this week. 

Our main topics have been Kenya, animals and non-fiction books.

Noah was able to use a dictionary to find different words. 

Kitty did some super maths work on greater than and less than. 

Sam and Louis drew fish and labelled…

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Super learning from Year 1 (wb 27/4/2020)

Year 1 have been looking at the story Handa's Surprise and have done some super learning to do with this book. 

They were asked to think write about the animals in the story using adjectives and to think about the setting, characters and key events in the story.

We have had some super story…

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Year 1 home learning WB 20/4/2020

Year 1 have been doing some super learning and activities over the Easter holidays and this week. 


Isla did lots of super Easter making and even made some eggs for her friend which she delivered to them.

Priya and Kitty made some Easter cakes- they look very yummy girls!

Priya has…

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Super Year 1 learning (Wb 30.3.2020)

Year 1 have been very busy this week doing lots of super learning.

Sam has been working hard on his sentence writing and also created a road safety poster.

Noah did a great job playing the 100 square subtraction game.

Leo has been working hard and has some done writing and number…

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Super Year 1 home learning wb 23/3/2020

Year 1 have been doing some super learning this week. 


Sam has done super work on planting a seed and the Giant's causeway. 


Isla has worked hard on learning about the United Kingdom and drew each countries flag. What a super dragon on the Welsh flag! 


Kitty and Noah have…

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