Butterflies In Year 2!

Year 2 were very excited to witness their butterflies hatch out of their chrysalis this week. Year 2 have 9 beautiful butterflies. They are orange, black and white. They need to drink lots of sugar water to give them energy and to help them to fly. We are looking forward to releasing them into the…

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Caterpillars in Year 2

Welcome to Year 2’s caterpillar blog!

A couple of weeks ago Year 2 took delivery of a very special package. Inside our parcel we found two pots which contained five small caterpillars and some special food.

At first the caterpillars were small, about the same size as half of our little…

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Year 4 Pizza Making

As part of our Design and Technology lessons, Year 4 made pizza from scratch.  The children had a tasting session to select their toppings.  Having made their pizza the children enjoyed tasting and then evaluating them.  I am sure that many of the children will be asking to make pizza again at…

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Reception investigate how to keep the Gingerbread man safe

Having read the story of the Gingerbread man, Reception class investigated what would happen if he fell in the water. They enjoyed dunking the gingerbread men in the water.  Later they looked at how they could keep him dry. 

They tested wrapping him in a tissue, a plastic bag, foil and a…

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Year 2 investigate the best biscuit to dunk

Year 2 were given the task of investigating which biscuit would make the best dunker for Miss Pugh's cup of tea. They had 4 different biscuits to test. 

The class started off by observing the biscuits and looking for differences. They then decided which one they thought would make a good…

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Year 1's biscuit investigation

Year 1 read the story of the Gingerbread Man and then wondered which type of biscuit the gingerbread man should have been made of to make sure that he survived the river crossing. 

First they observed the biscuits using magnifying glasses. Then Olivia predicted that the gingerbread man…

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Year 3 biscuit dunking challenge

On Monday Year 3 got British Science Week off to a great start with their part in the whole school biscuit dunking challenge. Each class has a different biscuit dunking investigation to carry out in their science lesson this week.

Year 3 were investigating which is the best digestive…

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Mini First Aid

This week Trinity have enjoyed taking part in a series of Mini First Aid sessions led by Chloe. She taught the children how to deal with head bumps, scrapes and how to phone for help in an emergency. Some of the older children even enjoyed learning about CPR and how this can help to save someone's…

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Year 1 Snowman project

Year 1 have loved doing the Snowman project. 

We have made our own snowman puppets, created clothes for a snowman, learnt about different musical instruments and sang 'Walking In The Air.' 

Our favourite part was making the puppets and using our puppets to perform 'Walking In The…

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Year 2 Snowman Project

In Year 2 we have been doing our Snowman project we have been focussing on different arts. We have been making snowman puppets and we have been listening to a great orchestra. We have enjoyed all our learning particularly making our puppets!

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Year 4 Snowman Glockenspiel

Year 4 have been learning how to play THE SNOWMAN on the glockenspiel.  

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The Snowman Project - Reception 2021

We listened to and joined in with the song "Walking In The Air". We also made snowman puppets and acted out some of the story. 

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