Year 2's New Caterpillars!

Year 2's caterpillars are kept in our reflection area. Our caterpillars are very delicate and are starting to turn green. We have 5 caterpillars and some of them are long and some are shorter. They are about the size of a finger nail. They must be kept warm, away from direct sunlight and they need…

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World Book Week 2021!

This week, Trinity have been enjoying celebrating World Book week. They have taken part in a special drama workshop led by Perform, listened to stories read to them by staff, read books in unusual places and created book characters from items they could find around home! It has been an excellent…

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PSHE Assembly Dreams

Trinity have been thinking about dreams and goals. They looked at the story of Jane Goodall and the dreams that she had as a little girl. This story inspired them to consider what they might like to achieve when they are older. 


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Well-Being Week

This week Trinity has been holding a well-being week based on the theme of 'Express Yourself!' We have tried to promote good well-being by reducing our time away from the computer and spending time developing the 5 main areas that help to promote a good sense of well-being. These are: being…

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People We Admire

In our PSHE assembly this week we looked at some famous people all of whom have faced different challenges in their lives. We have been inspired by these people! The children have all thought long and hard about people they admire and challenges they might have faced. Thank you to everyone who…

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Year 2 Art

Year 2 have really enjoyed collaging this week. They were inspired by the work of artist Megan Coyle who paints with paper and likes to use recycled materials to create pictures of nature. Year 2 have produced some great pieces of art where they have really thought about colours and shapes. Well…

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PSHE Assembly Challenges

Trinity have been thinking about challenges in their assembly this week. They looked at some examples of different challenges that people may face. They have reflected on challenges that they may have faced themselves in their own lives. 

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Home School Learning Wk Bg 13th July

This is our last full week before the holidays and even though summer is fast approaching it has not stopped Trinity form continuing with their wonderful learning!

Reception have been learning about teddy bears. They have written about them and sorted them.

Year 2 have explored the story of…

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Home School Learning Wk Bg 6th July

Another week has passed with so much home school learning taking place.

Reception have been to visit the moon and collect rock samples! They have also taken pictures of dragonflies, completed some super work based on money and they have made their own porridge. I hope it was tasty!

Year 1…

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Year 2's Cook Book

As part of their writing Year 2 have explored recipes. They have tested out some and have written their best recipes for you to try. They have remember to include a list of ingredients and equipment that you might need as well as step by step instructions for you to follow. The results look…

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Sports Festival

This week, Trinity have celebrated Sport Festival Week! We have cycled, jumped, hopped, run and much much more. We have all enjoyed learning about inspirational sports stars and getting to take part in some sporting challenges. Along the way, we have earned many points for our house and were very…

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Home School Learning Wk Bg 29th June

Wow what a busy week here at Trinity! It is lovely to see so much learning and so many of you having fun and enjoying your learning as well.

Reception have been very busy this week thinking about mini-beasts. They have been writing about them, researching them and have even been observing…

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